Where are you in your Member Advocacy journey?

You’re ready to take on Member Advocacy at your health plan. But you can’t get started unless you know where you’re coming from. It’s time to see where your health plan is in your Member Advocacy journey—from DCM and DCS…

How to measure the success of Member Advocacy

How to measure the success of Member Advocacy How does your health plan define success? Market growth, PMPM costs, and medical loss ratio are all important metrics to track. But when it comes to Member Advocacy, success is defined by…

Rethinking how you implement Member Advocacy

Whether you’re building, buying, or partnering, modernizing your member services means making a mindset shift. When you implement Member Advocacy, you don’t just get a digital engagement solution. You’re fundamentally changing the way you support and interact with your members.

Address health equity with Member Advocacy

Improving healthcare access starts with supporting and informing your members. New digital entrants aim to address healthcare inequities by disrupting the current system. But there are many ways health plans can better address health equity with Member Advocacy.

What is Member Advocacy?

Every health plan leader has a different image of how to best serve their members. Many health plans are taking steps toward digital transformation and digital health management. But there’s more to improving the member experience than meeting them online.…