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Watch the video or follow the steps below to download the Wellframe mobile app. It’s easy and free!

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Make sure you have the following items:

  • Access code from your healthcare provider

  • Healthcare provider member card

  • Smartphone or tablet

Download the Wellframe App

Find the Wellframe app in your devices app store




Open your phone’s camera app and use it to scan this QR code.

Man downloading wellframe app
Step 1:

Setup: Open the app

Once the download is complete, find the app on your smartphone or tablet and click on it to open.

iPhone showing Wellframe mobile app on homescreen
Step 2:

Click Sign Up

Once the Wellframe app opens, tap on the “sign up” button.

Wellframe app setup screen
Step 3:

Enter Your Access Code

Enter your access code. Be sure to use lower case letters. Click “submit” when completed.

This is the special code you received from your health plan or healthcare provider in a phone call, email, text message, letter, or brochure. Need help? Visit our FAQs page or contact our Support Team.

Wellframe app enter access code
Step 4:

Confirm Your Identity

After you submit your access code, you’ll need to provide a few more quick details to ensure your privacy.

Click “Tap to Continue” when completed.

Wellframe app confirmed identity
Step 5:

Select Health Management Option

If you will be using the app to support your health, click on “My Own”. If you will be using the app to support someone in your care, click on “Someone Else’s”.

If you select that you will be managing the health of someone else, you will enter that person’s information in the following steps.

Health Management Option on Wellframe app
Step 6:

Enter Your Member ID

Type in your member ID. Make sure to capitalize any letters as needed. Click “submit” when completed.

We went ahead and added your health plan member ID card to your account so you’ll have access directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Member ID on Wellframe app
Step 7:

Enter Your DOB

Enter in your date of birth and click “submit” when completed.

date of birth entry on Wellframe app
Step 8:

Complete Your Profile

Add, confirm, or edit your profile information listed and click “submit” when completed.

complete your profile screen on Wellframe app
Step 9:

Set up Your Account Login

Set up your account login information by entering your email address and password. Make sure to save this information.

This email address will serve as your username when you log in to use the app. Make sure to create a password with 8 characters, at least 1 letter, 1 number, and 1
special character such as #!$%%^@?

setup account login info on Wellframe app
Step 10:

Privacy Policy

Because privacy is important to us, please read through our privacy policy. When you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the page, click on “Accept”.

Privacy Policy on Wellframe app
Step 11:


If you’re prompted to accept notifications, make sure to click “Notify me” so you can stay on top of reminders or messages from your care team.

Setup complete welcome screen on Wellframe app
Step 12:

Navigate: Checklist

Click on “Checklist” to check out your daily
checklist. This will tell you what you need to do each day to manage your health.

Checklist on Wellframe app
Step 13:

Medication Reminders

Click on “Reminders” to add a medication reminder to help you keep track of your routine.

Reminders on Wellframe app
Step 14:

Track Your Activity

Open your physical activity task to connect your Apple Health or Google Fit to the app and track your steps throughout the day.

Activity tracking on Wellframe app
Step 15:


Tap the “Chat” icon to message your care team. You can ask them questions about your health on your own time.

secure chat on Wellframe app
Step 16:


Browse the library of short articles to help you stay on track with your health goals.

Resource library on wellframe app

Need an access code? Have a question for your care team?

We’re happy to help. Email or call 844-452-4085.

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