Medicaid Digital Health Management

Improve access to health resources

Amplify your resources to deliver the digital health support Medicaid members deserve.

Medicaid family looking at Wellframe app

The Wellframe advantage

  • Meet members where they are to improve engagement and access

  • Support the whole person in one comprehensive solution

  • Partner to overcome digital adoption barriers

  • Extend the capacity of existing resources

The Wellframe approach

Medication & appointment reminders

Members receive daily reminders and checklists to help them stay on top of medications and appointments.

Wellframe App Reminders

Parent and caregiver support

The Wellframe mobile app empowers caregivers with support and education they need to assist their loved ones.

Caregiver managing member health using the Wellframe app

User-friendly content

Our educational clinical articles are written in plain language at a 4th grade reading level, to ensure the information is accessible to all users.

Educational article shown in Wellframe app

Improve health literacy

Wellframe’s on-demand articles are designed to improve members’ health literacy—for their diagnoses and their benefits.

On-demand articles on the Wellframe app


Content on the Wellframe app is available in English, Spanish (standard), and Haitian-Creole (add-on).

Multi-lingual content on the wellframe app

Address social determinants of health

The surveys and assessments on the app are designed to surface SDoH barriers to care managers and advocates.

social determinants of health survey
Wellframe care programs library

Health and benefits programs

Target health behaviors and address quality measures with programs designed to meet the holistic needs of Medicaid populations.

  • Care Transitions
  • Chronic/Complex Care
  • Lifestyle Management & Comorbidities
  • Maternal Health
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Pediatric Caregiver
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