Business analytics powered by data science

Quantify your impact and generate digital health insights that drive member experience and staff efficiency.

data analytics generating digital insights

The Wellframe approach

When you know more, you can do more

Measure, evaluate, and continuously improve your digital health management performance.

  • Conduct impact assessments and benchmarking

  • Measure member retention

  • Gain insight into member onboarding

  • Rigorously quantify medical cost savings

  • Assess staff efficiency

The Wellframe difference

AI-generated insights improve member experience and staff efficiency

  • Natural language processing (NLP) tracks conversation response rate, topic intent, sentiment trends and reply speed
  • Prioritization and scoring algorithms inform effective outreach
  • Alerts and digital health insights generated for staff based on member activity and compliance
  • Identify population-level trends from unstructured messaging data
  • Insights from RPM, assessments and PROMs activate timely interventions and opportunities for personalization
Care team dashboard with alerts and notifications
magnifying glass over data

Robust analytics quantify your impact

  • Operational Success Report: Regular insights on staff performance, capacity, member onboarding success, and member engagement
  • Insights Report: Help team leaders hold staff and teams accountable and ensure alignment with organizational goals
  • Foundational Data Export: Raw data export for daily staff and member activity that can be integrated into third party system, electronic data warehouses and any other system of record


increase in care manager panel size


reduction in inpatient admissions


reduction in ER utilization

See how to quantify your impact to drive continuous improvement

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