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Amplifying care.

We mobilize health plans and care delivery organizations
to transform and amplify the impact of care management.

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Key Results from our Partners

Sustained weekly
care plan engagement 
Increase in care
management efficiency
Average per patient
medical cost savings
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Achieve strategic
value from clinical

Advance toward 10x ROI by enhancing medical cost savings, quality improvement, and retention while increasing operating efficiency.

Influence patterns
of care utilization
to reduce cost and
improve quality

Achieve additional impact by reducing inpatient spend, increasing use of preventive resources, and closing gaps in care to enhance HEDIS & Stars measures.

Increase efficiency
and capacity of
clinical resources

Enable your care team to provide higher-touch support to more patients in less time and focus on patient needs rather than administrative tasks.

Improve patient
engagement, and

Adopt a proven, mobile-enabled approach to onboard patients and sustain engagement in a convenient and preferred way.

“The Wellframe app has made my job easier as a facilitator because the young adults will share information on the app that they would not share in a face to face interaction. Having this additional information helps to move things forward.”

-Vinfen Staff Member

“I’d rather text than talk [on the phone]. It does make me feel like I have someone on my side. We have a good connection and it helps me feel less isolated. At the same time it’s very inconspicuous... it’s just a small phone.”

-Thresholds patient using Wellframe


Learn how smartphones are changing the way care managers support patients toward improved outcomes.


White Paper

Taking a tech-enabled, mobile approach to care management presents a new opportunity to improve every variable driving the ROI equation.


Case Study

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska transforms care management and achieves significant medical cost savings.


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