Privacy & Security

As we help patients and their care management teams build sustained, engaged relationships, Wellframe is committed to keeping their information private and protected.  We bake privacy and security into the design of our product.



Wellframe is committed to meeting legal obligations when handling user information. Our product is designed to meet the requirements of applicable federal and state laws including HIPAA.


Application Security

Our application comes with features to ensure you meet your security needs.  We offer single sign on (SSO), strong password requirements, and multi-factor authentication.  We are constantly working to enhance our security features to make sure that you have everything you need to securely help your patients.


Environmental Security

We understand that privacy, security, and availability are important to our customers.  To accomplish this, Wellframe uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as its primary cloud service provider. Through GCP, Wellframe is able to provide its product on a secure, resilient, and high performing infrastructure.  Ultimately, Wellframe is responsible for our environment within GCP. Through best practices recommended by GCP and through our own configurations, we believe we have built a solution that will meet your privacy and security standards.

Network and platform security

Physical security

Application security features

Secure software development




Vendor management

Personnel and continuity practices