Digital Care Management

Double your staff's capacity

Wellframe’s care management experience extends the reach of staff to deliver higher engagement with your high-risk members.

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Care management team member digitally engaging with high-risk members

Shifting the way we manage healthcare

99% of life happens between doctor visits and 80% of health outcomes are determined by factors that happen outside clinical care. Most organizations lack insights between clinical encounters, and traditional support is episodic and intermittent, providing an incomplete picture.

Reimagine member engagement

Comparing DCM vs. Traditional Care Management, with the same number of staff

Introducing blood glucose biometrics monitoring

Enhance your digital care management experience with Wellframe’s expanded remote patient monitoring and biometric capabilities.

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blood sugar monitoring in the Wellframe app

The Wellframe difference

  • Support the whole person in one comprehensive solution

  • Generate insights that activate timely interventions

  • Extend the reach of staff to engage more people

  • Deliver measurable value

The Wellframe approach

We combine technology, content, integrations, data science and analytics, and customer partnership to enable the person-to-person connections that make healthcare work best.

Technology that connects members and staff

We connect members with their care teams to improve outcomes, support member needs, and expand member reach.

Evolve from periodic to continuous outreach
Wellframe connects care management and advocacy teams digitally with members

70+ care programs that support the whole person

Address targeted quality measures, collect member-reported outcomes and biometrics, and improve health literacy to encourage self-management.

Empower your members and your staff
Members can search for health related topics in the Wellframe app

Integrations with your digital ecosystem

Seamlessly connect members to all their health and benefits information in one place while reducing double-documentation.

Streamline workflows and the member experience
Wellframe connect members to all their health and benefits in one digital solution

Data science and analytics quantify value

Measure the impact of digital health management on cost and utilization while uncovering insights that improve the member experience.

Stay on track and measure your progress
Wellframe member app data is aggregated into insights for care management teams

Make digital transformation possible with customer partnership

Align people, processes, and technology with our account services support.

Partnership through implementation and beyond
Wellframe partners with health plans to digital engage with members

Presenting GuidingCare & Wellframe

Learn more about the combined value of GuidingCare and Wellframe for care management and member engagement.

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reduction in emergency room utilization*


reduction in inpatient admissions*


increase in utilization of preventive medicine*


in medical costs savings per member*

* Source: A pragmatic methodology for the evaluation of digital care management in the context of multimorbidity, Journal of Medical Economics, Volume 24, 2021 — Issue 1