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Wellframe reimagines healthcare relationships through Digital Health Management. Become a trusted advocate by empowering staff and members.

Wellframe Health Management solutions increases member touch points and engagement
Manual member engagement results in limited touch points and insights
The Problem

Limited touchpoints provide an incomplete picture.

99% of life happens between clinical visits—but most organizations lack insights between these encounters. Traditional telephonic communications offer an incomplete picture of member health needs. To truly impact care outcomes, members need continuous two-way support across their health journeys.

Wellframe Digital Health Management

Position your health plan to become a trusted ally

Explore our Digital Health Management solutions for Digital Care Management and Clinical Advocacy.

Digital health management combines technology, information, and partnership to support interpersonal healthcare connections. Through Digital Care Management and Clinical Advocacy, care teams build trust with members and empower individuals to take control of their own health goals.

We extend the reach of digital health to impact more lives, across more critical touchpoints in the member’s health journey.

  • Amplify and scale member support
  • Access real-time member insights
  • Unify the member experience
  • Consolidate staff workflows
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By Use Case:

Wellframe Digital Health Management Solutions

  • Digital Care Management

    Our Digital Care Management solution reimagines the way care teams can support the clinical needs of high-risk members. By digitizing the care management experience, health plans can ultimately shift support from intermittent to continuous.

    Wellframe digitized care management solution
  • Clinical Advocacy

    Our Clinical Advocacy solution empowers members to become a more effective advocate for all their healthcare needs across clinical, benefits, billing, and customer service, which improves member satisfaction and utilization.

    Wellframe digital advocacy solution empowers members to become a more effective health advocate
By line of business:
  • Wellframe for Commercial

    Wellframe supports multiple health needs in one solution improving employee adoption and utilization, and increasing competitive advantage.

  • Wellframe for Medicare

    Wellframe supports the whole person in one user-friendly solution with a secure two-way chat and resources that improve member satisfaction and retention.

  • Wellframe for Medicaid

    Wellframe partners with Medicaid plans to overcome digital adoption barriers. Our multilingual solution is designed with the end-user in mind.


reduction in inpatient admissions


in cost savings per members, per month


increase in active caseload size


increase in member interactions