Remote Patient Monitoring

Collect vital member data without added complexity

Empower members to track key health data and give your care team the insights that improve outcomes.

Man searching the computer for member data

What is remote patient monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) includes several types of member-generated data such as symptoms, medications, treatment information, and biometrics.

Regular insight into biometrics data, like blood glucose levels, can help health plans enable early interventions. Plus, when members can track this type of data they can take ownership of it. This means they can improve medication adherence and care plan compliance as they take control of their health and wellness. But if the solution creates yet another dashboard for staff, or requires yet another app for members, it will not succeed.

The right strategy must be a built-in component of a unified virtual health strategy.


The Wellframe approach

  • Unify the member experience
  • Help members track biometrics, connect to their care manager, and manage their health from a single app
  • Consolidate staff workflows
  • Arm staff with member education, biometric trends, and members’ health history, without giving them another dashboard to manage
  • Differentiate your brand
  • Retain ownership of the member experience, as well as access to member-generated data
  • Integrate with 50+ glucometer devices

The Wellframe difference

Track biometrics such as:

  • Blood sugar

  • Blood pressure

  • Daily and weekly weight

  • Daily and weekly pain

  • Daily peak flow

  • Daily blood-oxygen saturation

  • Weekly physical activity report