5 critical shifts in the health plan member experience

Health plans are investing in new solutions to support members and staff. Many focus on delivering value through core offerings to improve health plan member experience. And plan leaders have to consider new strategies to deliver the seamless, on-demand services that members expect.

Members have high expectations when it comes to their experiences. Widespread consumer technology helps make it easy to shop around for the right product or service in just about any industry. So why not healthcare?

The rise of digital-first competitors is a response to new member expectations. The key to retaining and expanding your membership is to find innovative solutions to common member issues. And that means reevaluating technology’s role in the health plan member experience.

Your plan is likely already taking steps toward digital transformation. But it’s time to look beyond the addition of new technologies. Now is the time to focus on addressing member needs holistically.

How can health plans make the shift from digital transformation to true Member Advocacy? See how leading health plans are evolving the member experience.

Making these mindset and operational shifts can be challenging. Hear more about what health plans are achieving with a Member Advocacy model.