Introducing Wellsquared, a new digital companion for ongoing member engagement

by Alyssa Alsheimer, SVP Marketing & Engagement

The healthcare and health insurance landscape is constantly evolving. Technology is playing a growing role in the delivery of care, and patients are increasingly seeking out digital tools to help them manage their own health. In this environment, it’s more important than ever for health plans to connect with members and provide them with the tools they need to make the most of their coverage and benefits.

Created in partnership between Wellframe and Linkwell Health, a premier healthcare digital content marketing agency, Wellsquared is a service that helps health plans connect members with insightful content, interactive tools and personalized support throughout their entire health journey. Wellsquared develops, builds, and executes marketing campaigns that leverage best-in-class member journeys and creative assets to engage and convert members. 

For health plans with a comprehensive understanding of the entire member journey, with unique messaging aligned to each digital channel, Wellsquared is a promising new tool for improving member experiences and driving better health outcomes.

How Wellsquared encourages continued member engagement

Using Wellsquared, health plans will be able to onboard and engage members more effectively, delivering experiences driven by Member Advocacy. Wellsquared allows health plans to identify the most compelling and relevant assets for engaging members, and creates a positive experience for each individual. 

How does this work? First, Wellsquared brings data into a CRM and partners with health plans to identify target populations for marketing outreach. The technology then deploys engagement journeys to each member, aligned to health plans’ larger marketing plans. 

Unique creative assets from Wellsquared provide education and motivation to encourage members to engage with their health, with health plans providing creative oversight and branding. After creative passes through regulatory approval, Wellsquared builds it into the touchpoints that make up each member’s journey. Wellsquared also provides monthly reporting and recommendations for campaign enhancement.

This approach ensures that members are engaging with the digital channels available to them, whether they are dealing with chronic conditions through care management, or looking to get non-clinical support with a bill or finding a new provider. Through its reporting, Wellsquared also provides health plans with valuable data about member engagement and which messages are resonating. This data can help health plans optimize their other marketing initiatives, ensuring that members have a consistent experience across all channels. 

Wellsquared connects members to personal health and health insurance

When it comes to their health, many people don’t know where to start. They may feel overwhelmed by options or unsure of how to start making changes. Others lead busy lives and may not have time to research and understand their health insurance benefits. According to a recent survey, 43% of people say they don’t understand their coverage, and 88% say they often ignore phone calls from businesses or unknown numbers, making it difficult for their health plans to connect to them. This is where Wellsquared comes in. 

One of the main goals of Wellsquared is to help people connect the dots between their overall health needs and support their health plan offers. Too often, people only think about their health in terms of one specific issue or ailment, and consider their relationship with their health plan to be purely transactional. Wellsquared helps people shift their perspective on how they engage with their healthcare, and view their health plan as an advocate in that journey. 

What Wellsquared delivers to members across their journeys

Wellsquared helps members navigate their health journeys with content that is relatable and actionable. It connects members with Wellframe, and provides resources on everything from preventive care to chronic conditions, and makes it easy for members to find the information  they need.

With Wellsquared, health plans can

  • Engage their members more frequently, with content and messaging that resonates
  • Transform their relationships with members from transactional to cohesive 
  • Drive more members to leverage digital health management tools, increasing engagement and improving outcomes 

Wellsquared aims to be the perfect complement to any health plan’s member experience initiatives. Using Wellsquared, health plans can build a holistic Member Advocacy approach and provide members with the support they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare. By providing engaging content and personalized resources, Wellsquared helps members see their health plans in a new light: as a partner and advisor that’s always there to help, at every step of their health journeys.

To learn more about how this new offering can help your plan improve adoption and retention, visit: Wellsquared Member Marketing.

About the Author

Alyssa Alsheimer

Alyssa Alsheimer is the SVP of Marketing and Engagement at Wellframe. Alyssa joined Wellframe in 2020 from the agency world, bringing her expertise in building relationships, driving marketing strategy, and leading high-performing and innovative teams. In her current role, she’s focused on supporting and delivering measurable value to Wellframe’s health plan customers and their members.