Support members with the Women’s Health On-Demand Articles bundle

Women’s health encompasses more than maternity support. Make it easy and convenient for members to access health resources for all life stages with Wellframe’s Women’s Health On-Demand Articles bundle.

The Women’s Health On-Demand Articles bundle addresses common women’s health concerns, including reproductive planning, pre- and post-menopause, and pelvic floor health. Like other on-demand articles in the Wellframe app, these are available outside clinical care programs in the On-Demand Articles library. Members can search for articles on any available topic at their discretion. Staff and care teams can also share any of these articles with members without enrolling them in an additional care program.

Why focus on women’s health?

Wellframe focused on making more women’s health articles available due to popular demand. Health plan customers requested educational articles on a wider range of women’s health topics than maternity care. The Wellframe team also found that members were searching the On-Demand Articles library for articles about women’s health topics.

In order to meet women where they are in their lives and to encourage a proactive approach to their care, we created content to support members throughout these stages. The Women’s Health On-Demand Article bundle centers three care areas: reproductive planning, menopause, and pelvic floor health.

Why focus on pre-pregnancy care and education? In the U.S, the maternal mortality rate increased to 23.8 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2020 compared to 20.1 in 2019.1 Pre-pregnancy care and education is one opportunity to improve the chances of healthy pregnancy. 2 And, beyond pre-pregnancy and maternal care, approximately 1.3 million women become menopausal each year in the U.S.3 This is a huge opportunity for health plans to empower more women to understand their health and wellness needs and identify care options.

Women’s Health On-Demand Articles example: before pregnancy
Women’s Health On-Demand Articles example: perimenopause and menopause
Women’s Health On-Demand Articles example: pelvic floor health

How can members benefit from Women’s Health On-Demand Articles?

Nearly 27% of health plan members often or always feel overwhelmed by managing their care. Your health plan can make it easier for members to manage their care by giving them access to trustworthy and relevant information whenever they need it.

The Women’s Health On-Demand Articles are written and reviewed by clinicians, like all articles in Wellframe’s On-Demand Articles Library. Members who use the Wellframe app can search the Library to find On-Demand Articles. Care teams can also share On-Demand Articles directly with members, right in the chat thread.