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Connect with senior members through tech

We’re debunking common misconceptions about older Americans being unwilling to use healthcare technology.

Senior member talks to care manager

About half of current Wellframe users are age 50 or older, and the median user age is 54. These numbers indicate that senior members are not only willing to try digital health management tools, but that they are already doing so.

We wanted to better understand what senior health plan members want from their insurers. So Wellframe commissioned a study of 1,000 public and private health plan members across the U.S.

Where do senior members need healthcare support?

Survey respondents reported that, in the past year:


forgot to take at least one dose of medication


missed one or more doctor appointments


received a bill or EOB they didn’t understand

Seniors also reported that they disengaged from or gave up on managing their health for the following reasons:

  • 21% did not understand care costs
  • 20% could not afford treatment
  • Nearly 19% couldn’t meet with their doctors
  • 18% had difficulty finding a provider or making an appointment

How can you stay connected with senior members between doctor visits?

29% of seniors see a doctor every 3 months

32% only see a doctor twice every year

member reading health content on mobile phone

Digital health management can help you keep in touch with members the other 363 days of the year:

  • Fewer than half of respondents said they get answers to their healthcare questions within a day of asking their providers. 52% said they had to wait up to one week for answers.
  • 30% of respondents said they manage their health only “somewhat well” or “not well” between visits. 25% said they skip a step in their care plan weekly or monthly.
  • 47% said they understand their benefits “not well” or “somewhat well”.

These numbers all represent major opportunities for health plans to offer guidance to seniors on managing their own care needs.

What do seniors want from a health plan?

78% of senior respondents said they would use a service to help find and schedule doctor appointments

48% said the information they receive from their plan is too generic and irrelevant to their needs

The majority of respondents (66%) said they are most likely to take action after a doctor’s appointment.

But seniors also said they would use the following digital health management services:

  • 68%

    Finding a provider and making appointments

  • 64%

    Explanation of benefits

  • 56%

    Medication reminders

  • 50%

    Condition monitoring

  • 43%

    Digital health coaching

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