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Survey: Most Consumers Want More Personalized Resources and Support From Their Health Plans


More coordinated experiences seen as critical to help consumers
get the highest value healthcare

Wellframe, the market leader in Digital Health Management solutions, today announced the findings of its 2020 Health Plan Member Engagement Survey. Most consumers say they want more personalized, convenient and accessible resources from their health plans to support their health more holistically. But as they navigate their way through the COVID-19 pandemic, many are confused and frustrated when it comes to understanding healthcare costs and determining which services are covered by insurance.

The survey, conducted via a third-party provider, included 1,103 U.S. individuals who are covered by either public or private insurance.

“At a stressful time when people are looking for more personalized, on-demand health guidance, health insurance plans have a unique opportunity to provide members with ongoing, convenient, and digitally-enabled support when they need it most,” said Jacob Sattelmair, CEO and co-founder of Wellframe. “Despite the acceleration of digital health, today’s healthcare experience is still episodic and fragmented for millions of Americans. If health plans can help their members better navigate the complex healthcare system and get real-time answers to questions, they can ultimately evolve to become trusted advocates.”

Conducted in mid-October, the survey timing coincides with three intersecting realities: the possibility that COVID-19 cases nationwide could rise again during colder months, the U.S. election on Nov. 3, and open enrollment season for 2021, when people make decisions about coverage or find out about rising deductibles or premiums.

Healthcare system gaps identified

Some of the top-level findings of the survey include:

  • 57 percent of respondents have sought support or guidance from their health plan and been “frustrated” by the experience
  • 60 percent of people surveyed think a lot of the information and care they receive from the healthcare system is “too generic and not personalized to me”
  • 51 percent find it difficult to understand healthcare costs, including prescriptions and out-of-pocket costs

An important consequence of this disjointed experience with the healthcare system is that many individuals – whether or not they have a chronic health condition – aren’t proactively managing their health as well as they should be. About one-third of those surveyed have missed one or more appointments with a healthcare provider and 42 percent forgot to take their medication during the past year.

Members want more convenience, guidance

In June, Wellframe published the results of its COVID-19 Chronic Condition Patient Population Report, which focused on patients with at least one chronic condition. That survey found that more than two-thirds of people would be interested in accessing virtual support from a care management team to help manage their condition. Based on the results of this survey, there is essentially no difference in opinion between people with chronic conditions and those without – the interest in accessing virtual care options or telehealth is about the same. Additionally, 80 percent would take help from their health insurer to select a doctor for their specific healthcare needs.

Issues around healthcare access are a major factor in the 2020 presidential election. Just under 90 percent of respondents said improving healthcare access was “very important,” “important” or “somewhat important” in choosing which presidential candidate to vote for.

“When it comes to managing health issues like weight loss, stress or diet, these survey results show that many people feel like they’re going it alone,” said Dr. Sandhya Gardner, Chief Medical Officer of Wellframe. “Most health outcomes are determined by factors happening outside of clinical care. Health plans have an opportunity to make a greater impact on members’ lives by engaging them across more touchpoints in their health journey. Providing members with relevant, easy to understand resources and opportunities to ask a provider questions when needed, delivered on their smartphone, can greatly improve health outcomes for millions of Americans.”

The full report can be viewed here.


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