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  • Buyer’s guide: Compare digital health management solutions

    True digital health management is not just a plug-and-play technology solution. So how can you compare digital health management vendors and find the right partner for your health plan? This buyer’s guide includes the benefits and features to consider, and the questions to ask your potential partner.

  • The Wellframe difference: Our comprehensive digital portfolio

    Wellframe’s care programs are accessible to a wide variety of members and their caregivers, with content available in multiple languages and biometric integrations. The platform incorporates PROMIS and can help improve HEDIS, STARS, and ACO performance.

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  • Does digital health work?

    In a peer-reviewed study, Wellframe found a 9% reduction in ER visits, and a 17% reductions in inpatient admissions among chronically ill patients. This translated to a savings of $1,923 per member over a 3 month period.

  • Digital health improves care transitions for members with multimorbidities

    Learn how digital health interventions can reduce readmissions by 33% for patients with multimorbidities.

  • Digital adoption drives care management capacity and member engagement

    See how to engage 2x more members and increase the percentage of successful phone calls by 91% with the Wellframe Digital Health management platform.

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