On-demand webinar

Survey results: Why health plans are empowering members with Advocacy

How health plan leaders are saying Member Advocacy helps them achieve their goals

Member experience is a top priority for many health plan leaders. And the pressure is on—from members and federal legislators. But implementing compliant technology solutions can be challenging.

We wanted to better understand the state of member experience technology. So we partnered with Xtelligent Healthcare Media to survey health plan leaders from across the U.S. The survey revealed trends in current technological capabilities, organizational challenges, and effective strategies plans are using.

In this webinar, subject-matter experts from Wellframe outline the most common challenges health plan leaders like you are facing. They also break down the motivations behind member engagement initiatives and the forces driving digital evolution.

Highlights include:

  • Digital member engagement strategies from other health plans
  • Common obstacles to digital evolution
  • How to assess strategic partnerships and technology solutions



  • Sarah Panock

    Executive Customer Partner, Wellframe

  • Oliver Bandte

    Vice President of Data and Analytics, Wellframe