How health plans can enhance engagement with senior members using technology

Over the past few years, health plans have been hesitant to use digital health to engage with senior members. The main objection? Seniors don’t use smartphones and mobile technology.

We’re here to debunk that myth. Older members are not only open to using technology, but many are already using digital tech to connect with their care providers. The challenge is no longer about adoption—it’s about the right balance of usable technology to meet potential and existing Medicare Advantage members where they feel they need the most support.

How can we leverage seniors’ willingness to use their phones, and maintain the connectedness they expect to have with their health plans and providers? What can we do to ensure easy, seamless access to health information and support?


  • Ferris Taylor

    Executive Director
    HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG)

  • Julianne Eckert

    Director, Clinical Quality Improvement and Stars
    Clover Health

  • Keith George

    Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing Technology

  • Susan Beaton

    Susan Beaton

    VP Health Plan Strategy