2022 Health Plan Member Engagement Report

Survey: Half of health plan members are overwhelmed by managing care

58% of health plan members are overwhelmed by managing their health and treatment plans. We surveyed more than 1,000 health plan members across the U.S. to uncover what they need to better manage their health—and what health plans can do to help. Download this year’s report to take a closer look at key findings like these:

  • Newly insured members were more likely to be confused by health plan communications (60% compared to 42% on average)
  • 75% of members have never used the nurse hotline service available to them
  • 65% of all members with a chronic condition reported that managing their chronic condition increased anxiety, depression, or both
  • 46% of respondents have never heard the term “care manager”
  • 56% don’t know “care manager” and “case manager” are the same role