The marketing methodology that drives member engagement

Keeping members engaged in their health is critical to improving outcomes. So it’s no surprise that leading health plans invest in digital health management solutions to support members outside the walls of care delivery. But as many health plans will agree, it’s difficult to recruit for health management programs and maintain member engagement. Why?

  • There isn’t an established partnership between marketing and care management departments, making it harder to collaborate to increase awareness for care management
  • Claims-based targeting makes it difficult to set expectations around how many members will enroll
  • Plans don’t utilize all available marketing channels to drive awareness and recruitment
  • It’s hard to justify a marketing budget or set expectations around effectiveness when past care management campaigns haven’t been measured
  • Care team staff may worry about being overwhelmed, leading to apprehension about an influx of members brought in through marketing efforts

Best practices to maximize digital health adoption and engagement

To increase member enrollment, improve clinical staff efficiency, and unite departments to improve the member experience, innovative health plans adopt this proven member marketing approach.


Identify goals and the target population

Identify members based on clinical needs, as well as emerging and actual risk and cost. Set a goal for how many members you want to support via digital health management, and build a strategy to support that goal.


Create messaging that resonates

Make sure your messaging is relevant to the segments and personas you’re targeting by first speaking to the member’s needs and challenges while avoiding jargon. Don’t forget to add a caring, human tone to build trust and understanding.


Capture the strategy in a marketing plan

Pull together the various components of the strategy in a marketing plan that will drive efficiency and define ownership.


Develop a multi-channel approach

Collaborate with your marketing team to reach and engage members where they are. Lead with digital channels like website, email, and text messaging, starting with a channel where you have confirmed contact information.


Measure performance by message, by channel, by campaign

Give yourself a meaningful learning period to gather data and finetune your strategy—and don’t be afraid to admit something didn’t work.


Determine the best approach for staffing

To make sure staff can best support these recruitment efforts, dedicate non-clinical staff to recruiting and onboarding members while care managers or clinical health coaches focus on ongoing health management.

Achieving success at each stage of the marketing methodology

Better member engagement doesn’t happen overnight. But when health plans adopt a collaborative and iterative marketing approach, they can learn from their efforts to drive continuous improvement.

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