Managing MLR amid the coronavirus crisis

Elective procedures and routine care are down across the nation—meaning cash on hand is up. As a result, health plans could face historic MLR-based refunds for the 2020 and 2021 fiscal years. This will require thoughtful approaches on how to manage investments in quality improvement initiatives and member experience.

Join Susan Beaton, VP of Health Plan Strategy at Wellframe (Formerly VP of Care Management, Provider Services and Risk for Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska) for a 3-part Master Class:

Part 1: COVID-19 & the prognosis for MLR
Learn about the effects of COVID-19 on MLR and the 3 choices facing health plan leaders in today’s climate

Part 2: Investing in quality improvement in a time of uncertainty
See what types of quality improvement initiatives count towards medical spend for MLR, plus 4 ways to leverage your quality improvement expenditure that you may not have thought about

Part 3: How your health plan peers are managing MLR
Hear from other health plan leaders about how they are navigating an unprecedented financial future.

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    Susan Beaton

    Vice President, Health Plan Strategy, Wellframe