Bridge the language gap: Strategies to improve health equity for Spanish speakers

Spanish-speaking minority groups experience numerous, well-documented health disparities, from worse maternal health outcomes to increased rates of chronic conditions. Despite the many barriers that persist, particularly amid the pandemic, there are still proven steps health insurance plans can take to meaningfully address these outcomes.

In this on-demand session originally presented at the 2020 AHIP Medicare, Medicaid and Dual Eligibles Conference, you will learn:

  • Actionable tactics to improve engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes among Spanish-speaking members
  • Ways to promote health plan literacy to improve utilization
  • How to reduce care team barriers in order to reach more members


  • jessie-schiller-150x150

    Jessie Schiller

    Senior Content Partner, Wellframe

  • dan-kelley

    Dan Kelley

    Communications and Translation Manager, Wellframe