The key to re-engaging seniors and improving outcomes

On-demand webinar

In the past year, more than one-third of seniors forgot to take their daily medication. And more than a quarter missed a doctor’s appointment. So how can your health plan reach senior members and help them stay on the right track with their health? 

It starts with a smartphone. More than half of Americans over 50 own a smartphone. And 78% of seniors said they would use a digital service to help find and schedule doctor appointments. If you’re only connecting with members through phone calls, you could be missing valuable insights. 

Health plan experts explain how they effectively engage their senior members through omnichannel support—and share their secrets to success.


  • Rachel

    Rachel Daricek

    Senior Director, Product Marketing

    Rachel has been digitally engaging key stakeholders – patients/members, caregivers, physicians, and enterprise executives – in healthcare and technology for more than 15 years. In her career, Rachel has held leadership roles across marketing & strategy, customer success & sales, and operational excellence. Rachel is passionate about using technology to solve challenges in delivering healthcare. She puts that passion to work at Wellframe connecting product capabilities with customer and market needs that empower health plans to proactively engage members in their health and care.

  • Susan Beaton

    Susan Beaton

    Vice President of Health Plan Strategy, Wellframe

    Susan is an innovative and collaborative healthcare industry executive with over 20 years of experience as a clinical nurse leader and health plan executive. She came to Wellframe from Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska where she was VP of Care Management, Provider Services and Risk. In addition, she is passionate about engaging consumers outside traditional health care settings. Susan’s experience with clinicians and health plans help our customers reimagine how they support members while yielding incredible value.