Better support diabetic members with biometric monitoring from Wellframe

Take a closer look at the new glucometer device integrations Thursday, April 8th at 1pm EDT/10am PDT

For health plans, regular insight into biometrics data, like blood glucose levels, can enable earlier interventions. For members, tracking this type of data is shown to improve adherence and compliance as they take ownership of managing their condition.

There is a huge opportunity for health plans to enable members to easily track biometrics and use this insight as part of a Care Management program. However, if the chosen solution creates yet another dashboard for staff members, or requires yet another app for members, it will not succeed.

In this webinar you will see Wellframe’s newly released remote patient monitoring enhancements to support:

  • Glucometer device integrations via bluetooth and OCR (optical character recognition) through the member app
  • Blood glucose data visualizations for members and staff
  • Associated actionable alerts and reminders for members and staff
    Downstream data analysis for plans

Attendees will also get a preview of Wellframe’s remote patient monitoring roadmap.


  • Lara

    Lara Silberklang

    Senior Product Manager, Wellframe

  • Rachel

    Rachel Daricek

    Senior Director, Product Marketing, Wellframe