Wellframe clients use the Digital Care Management platform to support members during the coronavirus outbreak

To help clients scale member support, Wellframe delivers mobile-friendly coronavirus education

We are pleased to announce that Wellframe has developed a mobile-friendly coronavirus (COVID-19) resource to aid health plan clients in supporting and educating concerned members looking for up-to-date guidance. Available as a program that can be delivered to members alongside existing care plans via the Wellframe app, this resource contains digestible information from CDC, WHO, and NIH regarding symptoms, prevention, and what to do if you get sick. 

“We know our health plan clients have made it a priority from the early outset of concerns about this virus to provide the best possible support to members. At Wellframe, we saw an opportunity to help our clients’ care management teams deliver easily accessible health education, at scale, to members with chronic or complex conditions—populations who are also most likely to be affected by the coronavirus,” said Trishan Panch, MD, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Wellframe. “Because these health plans have already established long-term, trusted relationships with these populations through Wellframe, they are able to offer monitoring and support. It is important to remember that those most at risk from Coronavirus are those with multimorbidity—the majority of members who already use Wellframe. Managing these conditions effectively and helping these members make effective use of the health system is of the utmost importance at this time.”

Wellframe clients have been providing additional support and advocacy to members amidst the coronavirus outbreak through their care management service. Using natural language processing (NLP), Wellframe was able to identify a sharp uptick of questions from members to care managers on the platform surrounding symptoms, anxieties concerning the possible extent of the outbreak, and advice regarding travel.

Wellframe’s Digital Care Management solution amplifies the reach and effectiveness of health plan care management programs, which provide support from real clinicians to more fully meet the needs of complex, high-risk members. Through this care management service, plans can provide remote assistance and monitoring to people managing multiple conditions and can check in on the health and wellbeing of these populations.