What members want from their health plans

Health Plan Member Engagement Report

The global pandemic has made navigating the healthcare system more challenging and overwhelming than ever. Yet at a time when people are looking for more support and guidance from health plans and providers, the healthcare system risks missing the moment.

To help health insurance plans provide members with more unified healthcare experiences, Wellframe commissioned a survey of more than 1,100 individuals with public or private insurance. Findings from our report include:

  • 57% were “frustrated” by the experience from their health plan when seeking support
  • 60% think the information and care they receive from the healthcare system is not personalized to their needs
  • 51% find it difficult to understand healthcare costs

We’re reimagining health care relationships

About Wellframe

Wellframe strategically partners with health plans nationwide to reimagine the relationship between plans and members. Our digital health management solutions for care management and advocacy enable a level of care and support that empowers people and organizations to achieve their best. By combining innovative solutions, strategic partnership, and passionate conviction, Wellframe creates measurable impact on lives, at scale.