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Connecting people

amplifying care

Solutions Across Health Care

for Health Plans

Improve capacity of care management resources to reach more members more effectively.

for Providers

Extend the reach of care management resources to support patients outside of in-person clinical interactions.

for Pharma

Provide added value to customers, promote medication adherence and improve outcomes.

Our Approach

We build intelligent systems to re-engineer care delivery.

Wellframe helps patients get better and stay better.
Our system empowers patients by giving them step-by-step guidance and human support.
Wellframe uses technology to amplify rather than replace therapeutic relationships.

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The Wellframe platform integrates with your existing systems and is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your care management resources.

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Complex care protocols are converted into daily health checklists that are delivered to patients on their mobile phones and tablets.

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All the data collected from patients’ interactions with their care plans are analyzed in real time and then are displayed on a dashboard for their care manager.

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The Wellframe app enables a therapeutic connection to be maintained between visits and can be used for any medical condition and for complex combinations of conditions.

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Intelligent, real time alerts driven by powerful predictive algorithms help clinicians and care managers understand who needs attention and when they need it.

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The Wellframe app works on iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

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The Wellframe platform allows HIPAA compliant 2 way messaging on top of a care plan which is clinically proven to amplify therapeutic relationships and drive engagement.

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La aplicación Wellframe está disponible en Inglés y Español.

Care Plans for Any Health Condition

Secure & HIPAA Compilant

Cloud-Based Engine

iOS & Android Compatible

The Wellframe

Clinically proven

Wellframe has completed successful clinical trials with some of the world's leading healthcare organizations and clinical thought leaders, attaining exceptional feedback from clinicians and patients alike.

Improves retention

The Wellframe solution improves patient adherence to care plans and drives more enduring relationships between patients and their care providers.

Improves outcomes

Our solution makes it possible to deliver evidence-based care in a way that is more appealing and more accessible in order to realize outcomes at scale.

Engages patients

Wellframe has achieved over 90% sustained daily engagement among 40 to 80 year old patients with complex chronic diseases.

Improves capacity of human resources

The Wellframe solution enables a significant increase in patient: care manager ratio while simultaneously enabling more frequent touch points and improved experience for both care managers and patients.

Enables a groundbreaking approach to care delivery

Our technology uses human-computer hybrids wherein clinicians and patients work together in partnership with intelligent information systems to amplify caring relationships and improve the quality of care.

Our Founders

The Wellframe founding team is comprised of individuals with a diverse set of skills and whose backgrounds include clinical medicine, public health, systems engineering, data science and consumer engagement.

Jacob Sattelmair

Jacob Sattelmair DSc MSc

President & CEO

Jacob is a Harvard and Oxford trained public health scientist and technologist. He was previously Director of Research & Strategy at Dossia, one of the world’s first and largest Personal Health Records, and Product Manager at RunKeeper, a leading mobile/web health and fitness platform. Jacob’s doctoral research examined the relationship between lifestyle behavior and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Trishan Panch

Trishan Panch MD MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Trishan is a Primary Care MD and Harvard trained health systems expert. He was an MIT lecturer in health sciences and technology (’10-’13) and is the inaugural recipient of Harvard’s Public Health Innovator of the Year award (’12.) He was clinical director of Sana Mobile at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Vinnie Ramesh

Vinnie Ramesh SB

Chief Technology Officer

Vinnie is an MIT trained computer scientist with expertise in systems engineering, complex networks and machine learning. He was a researcher at MIT’s Media Lab, Energy Initiative and Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. Minor Planet 24376 Ramesh was named after him in recognition of his work on mesh networks.

Archit Bhise

Archit Bhise SB

Chief Product Officer

Archit is an MIT trained computer scientist with expertise in data mining, biomedical research and healthcare micro-simulations. He was a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research’s Emerging Markets group and was a founder of Open Health Designs, which uses low cost technology to improve access to healthcare.

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