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Connecting people

amplifying care

Solutions Across Health Care

for Health Plans

Improve capacity of care management resources to reach more members more effectively.

for Providers

Extend the reach of care management resources to support patients outside of in-person clinical interactions.

for Pharma

Provide added value to customers, promote medication adherence and improve outcomes.

Our Approach

We build intelligent systems to re-engineer care delivery.

Wellframe helps patients get better and stay better.
Our system empowers patients by giving them step-by-step guidance and human support.
Wellframe uses technology to amplify rather than replace therapeutic relationships.

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The Wellframe platform integrates with your existing systems and is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your care management resources.

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Complex care protocols are converted into daily health checklists that are delivered to patients on their mobile phones and tablets.

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All the data collected from patients’ interactions with their care plans are analyzed in real time and then are displayed on a dashboard for their care manager.

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The Wellframe app enables a therapeutic connection to be maintained between visits and can be used for any medical condition and for complex combinations of conditions.

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Intelligent, real time alerts driven by powerful predictive algorithms help clinicians and care managers understand who needs attention and when they need it.

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The Wellframe app works on iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

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The Wellframe platform allows HIPAA compliant 2 way messaging on top of a care plan which is clinically proven to amplify therapeutic relationships and drive engagement.

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La aplicación Wellframe está disponible en Inglés y Español.

How it works

Logic structure for representing any clinical protocol

Wellframe has developed a proprietary approach to representing clinical protocols as logic structures to direct computer systems at scale and across clinical verticals. We have used this approach to encode evidence based standards such that they can be delivered as adaptive clinical programs on the Wellframe system. We can also model and encode local best practice to realize the local instantiation and delivery of evidence-based medicine.

Clinically proven mobile and tablet interface for engaging patients

Wellframe delivers care protocols to patients in the simplest possible unit that achieves clinical-quality resolution: a dynamically generated, personalized daily health checklist. We deliver this in a compelling, beautiful mobile experience available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in any language. Our mobile platform also features a secure 2-way communication channel to connect patients with care providers, a semantically organized corpus of multimedia medical information and a private social network where a patient's progress with their care plan can be shared and social support evoked based on user permissions.

HIPAA compliant cloud-hosted data collection & artificial intelligence environment

Wellframe offers a mobile data collection system that is trusted by pre-eminent health systems, cloud-hosted and scalable to any number of users. Wellframe's artificial intelligence engine for health state modeling, prediction and dynamic clinical protocol optimization uses data from a patient's interaction with the care plans to optimize the system.

Cloud-hosted EMR for care management with optional integration into third party systems

Wellframe has developed a lightweight cloud-hosted care management EMR that has been successfully integrated into clinical workflows. We are also able to integrate our software with third party systems such as other EMRs or care management systems based on customer needs.

The Wellframe

Clinically proven

Wellframe has completed successful clinical trials with some of the world's leading healthcare organizations and clinical thought leaders, attaining exceptional feedback from clinicians and patients alike.

Improves retention

The Wellframe solution improves patient adherence to care plans and drives more enduring relationships between patients and their care providers.

Improves outcomes

Our solution makes it possible to deliver evidence-based care in a way that is more appealing and more accessible in order to realize outcomes at scale.

Engages patients

Wellframe has achieved over 90% sustained daily engagement among 40 to 80 year old patients with complex chronic diseases.

Improves capacity of human resources

The Wellframe solution enables a significant increase in patient: care manager ratio while simultaneously enabling more frequent touch points and improved experience for both care managers and patients.

Enables a groundbreaking approach to care delivery

Our technology uses human-computer hybrids wherein clinicians and patients work together in partnership with intelligent information systems to amplify caring relationships and improve the quality of care.

The Team

Jacob Sattelmair

Jacob Sattelmair DSc MSc

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Jacob is a Harvard and Oxford trained public health scientist and technologist. He was previously Director of Research & Strategy at Dossia, one of the world’s first and largest Personal Health Records, and Product Manager at RunKeeper, a leading mobile/web health and fitness platform. Jacob’s doctoral research examined the relationship between lifestyle behavior and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Trishan Panch

Trishan Panch MD MPH

Chief Medical Officer, Co-founder

Trishan is a Primary Care MD and Harvard trained health systems expert. He was an MIT lecturer in health sciences and technology (’10-’13) and is the inaugural recipient of Harvard’s Public Health Innovator of the Year award (’12.) He was clinical director of Sana Mobile at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Vinnie Ramesh

Vinnie Ramesh SB

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Vinnie is an MIT trained computer scientist with expertise in systems engineering, complex networks and machine learning. He was a researcher at MIT’s Media Lab, Energy Initiative and Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. Minor Planet 24376 Ramesh was named after him in recognition of his work on mesh networks.

Archit Bhise

Archit Bhise SB

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

Archit is an MIT trained computer scientist with expertise in data mining, biomedical research and healthcare micro-simulations. He was a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research’s Emerging Markets group and was a founder of Open Health Designs, which uses low cost technology to improve access to healthcare.

Dogu Celebi

Dogu Celebi MD MPH

Product & Market Strategy

Dogu is a clinical epidemiologist, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in managed care, health services research, and medical informatics. His experience includes the development and implementation of care management programs (WellAware) at CIGNA, and as the Chief Medical Officer at Optum Insight. His areas of expertise include population health and care management, performance measurement, health risk assessment, and clinical payment systems. He has led efforts to develop large-scale care and disease management programs and information tools for measuring healthcare quality, efficiency and outcomes. He has significant experience of developing predictive models to support care management initiatives and other key business needs of managed care organizations. He developed the underlying clinical methodology behind market leading predictive tools such as Impact Pro, Episode Risk Groups and Pharmacy Risk Groups.

Jimmy Hernandez

Jimmy Hernandez SB


Jimmy is an MIT trained Computer Scientist with deep expertise in user interface design and full-stack web engineering. He's worked as the sole Android engineer at several startups, in industries varying from application performance management to content sharing. In his free time, he enjoys dissecting human-centered design problems.

Susan Pelican

Susan Pelican

Customer Success

Susan is a seasoned leader who exudes a passion for optimizing human health. She spent two decades as a clinical consultant and sales manager for BioPharma companies, specializing in cardiovascular medicine and surgery. She has also served as founder and Director of The Rochester School of Excellence, a progressive educational center, and Director of The Ratey Institute, a non-profit advancing physical activity to optimize health and performance.

Brian Li

Brian Li

Art Director, UI/UX Designer

Brian is a multidisciplinary designer with experience in various fields of design and technology. His work has been featured in magazines and books, and won awards from the Type Directors Club and Communication Arts. He has worked on projects ranging from data visualization to public installations and advertising campaigns to product development.

Alex Trahey

Alex Trahey

Data Scientist

Alex is a Duke University trained data scientist and economist, and he is currently studying for his MBA at MIT Sloan. He was previously a senior analyst at Analysis Group, where he published several papers on disease management and treatment behavior.

Anne Bosilevac

Anne Bosilevac

Business Development

Anne is an experienced healthcare sales professional with success in both business development and client retention. She's spent her career selling value-oriented solutions to healthcare organizations in the areas of technology, data analytics, patient experience and outcomes management.

Eleanor Sharpe

Eleanor Sharpe

Business Operations

Eleanor has a BS in Human Biology from Brown University. She has experience in design, clinical product development and biomedical research. Her senior Capstone explored the efficacy of video discharge instructions in the pediatric Emergency Department. She strives to enable all aspects of Wellframe's operations and works closely with the leadership team.

Shelley Harrison

Shelley Harrison


Shelley is a marketing and communications professional with experience across the technology sector, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She's spent her career building brands from the ground up by implementing large-scale marketing and communications campaigns to make the most of media trends.

Anshuman Chadda

Anshuman Chadda MD MPH

Patient Engagement

Anshuman is a Primary Care MD and a Harvard trained public health innovator. His areas of expertise include clinical process optimization, behavior change communication and design thinking for healthcare. He was previously working for a public health nonprofit he co-founded in India that focused on Hepatitis prevention and vaccination. In his free time, he enjoys reading and playing music.

Myles Tan

Myles Tan


Myles is a product designer and systems engineer whose background lies in creating innovative healthcare technology. Myles has held a variety of product positions working on EHR/EMR and health coaching platforms. He has also worked on some of the most popular mobile health apps on the market, pushing features to millions of users.

Amardeep Ranu

Amardeep Ranu


Amardeep is a University of Toronto trained Engineer with a background in biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, nanorobotics, and mobile development. He founded a small startup in Toronto for which he created and released two social media apps. He aims to develop a seamless and memorable user experience for every project he undertakes. He also encourages and accepts all 1v1 basketball challenges... just email him.

Nam Chu Hoai

Nam Chu Hoai


Nam is a full stack developer who loves building products in all of their facets. He previously co-founded an online reputation startup called Credport under the Summer@Highland program alongside Wellframe. Nam earned a BA in Computer Science from BU. In his free time, he travels and plays sports as much as possible.

Vilas Dhar

Vilas Dhar

General Counsel

Vilas is a partner at Boston-based law firm Dhar Law, LLP and has 15 years of combined technical and legal expertise bringing transformational solutions to market. He holds degrees with honors in Computer Science and Biological Engineering, a JD from NYU School of Law, and has lectured widely on innovative approaches to social change through the integration of law, technology, and impact investing.

Daniel Hatfield

Daniel Hatfield, MS

Clinical Consultant

Dan is a dual researcher-practitioner with expertise in nutrition, physical activity, and health behavior. He earned a masters degree in nutrition communication at Tufts, where he's currently completing a PhD in food policy and applied nutrition. Outside his academic work, Dan often collaborates with schools, worksites, community programs and other partners on applied strategies for promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

Teresa Lilly

Teresa Lilly

HR & Operations

Teresa is a Harvard trained business manager with expertise in organizing teams, creating efficient systems and nurturing a fun, collaborative work environment. Coming from a diverse background in bar management and event planning, she is as comfortable changing a keg as working with spread sheets and human resources.

Melina Ward

Melina Ward


Melina is a public health professional committed to improving health and health care in the US and internationally. Previously, Melina worked for JSI, a public health research and consulting firm. She is currently pursuing her masters in health policy and management at the Harvard School of Public Health, focusing on the intersection of health policy and innovation to improve access to quality and affordable care for high-risk patient populations.

Leili Towfigh

Leili Towfigh

User Experience Designer

Leili is an educational technologist, UX designer, and fine artist who has trained at Bryn Mawr, Harvard, and MIT. She creates environments and curates experiences that help people become active agents in their process of learning and change.

Leili Towfigh

Elaine Besancon Goodman MD

Medical Director

Elaine is a Harvard-trained primary care physician. Her research, publications, and editorial work focus on patient safety and patient-centered care. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School with a focus on healthcare entrepreneurship and primary care innovation.

Our Advisers

Carl Byers MPA

Russ Richmond MD

Dennis Ferrill MBA

Dogu Celebi

Dogu Celebi MD MPH

Vilas Dhar

Vilas Dhar

Our Investors

DFJ · Formation 8 · Waterline Ventures · Queensbridge Venture Partners · Tim Draper · Jonathan Bush · Carl Byers · Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran · Russ Nash · Dogu Celebi · Saba Malak · Dennis Ferrill · Life Sciences Angel Network · James Nahirny · Steve Papa · John McEleney · Vilas Dhar · Michael Gaiss · Walt Winshall · Pam Garside · Simon St Clair Carter

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