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Our Approach

Wellframe enables healthcare organizations to better understand and proactively manage risk, while helping them to scale clinical interventions to more effectively reach more patients.

Segment your populations to better understand your risk.

Effectively Engage Your Patients.

Amplify your existing resources to reach more patients.

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Wellframe helps you better understand risk and effectively segment patient populations.

As a risk-bearing entity, refocusing your care management resources to reach the patients that would most benefit from intervention is key to improving clincal and financial outcomes.

Wellframe harnesses advanced data analytics to provide unprecedented insight into population health and risk. We help better segment your members and prioritize opportunities for intervention, enabling you to more dynamically and intelligently direct clinical interventions to achieve maximum impact.

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Wellframe drives patient engagement and adherence.

Many patient engagement technologies lack the emotional and relational connection needed to deliver the value needed to sustain impact over time. Extending caring clinical relationships between care managers and patients, however, stands to give patients the clinical guidance and emotional support to effect enduring change.

Wellframe helps organizations achieve high rates of patient engagement and adherence by facilitating a strong patient/care manager relationship. By extending trusted relationships, Wellframe engages patients in clinically validated, personalized care plans, delivered through the patient’s mobile device.

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Wellframe enables intelligent care management.

Human care remains the most effective way to engage patients and improve outcomes. But current care management interventions are costly, difficult and increasingly out of touch with patient preferences.

Wellframe re-engineers your organization’s approach to care management. By task shifting care management activities with technology, introducing dynamic insights into patient need and enabling new communication channels, Wellframe amplifies the impact of your care managers and informs more intelligent resource allocation across populations over time.

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