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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska: Driving Clinical Transformation through Mobile Technology

October 31, 2017

Join us for a live Q&A with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s Susan Beaton, VP, Provider Services, Care Management, and Risk, and Norine Domenge, Director, Nurse Care Management and Clinical Policy, who will discuss how they transformed their organization's clinical services to achieve improved member outcomes and satisfaction, streamlined clinical operations, and significant cost savings. Jacob Sattelmair, Wellframe CEO, will facilitate the discussion.

5 Case Studies: Leveraging Mobile Tech to Engage Care Management’s Most-Difficult-to-Reach Patients

December 20, 2016

In this webinar, Wellframe CEO Jacob Sattelmair and Senior Medical Director Elaine Goodman highlight 5 real-world patient stories that illustrate how health plans and providers have leveraged mobile technology to successfully engage the most vulnerable and traditionally hard-to-reach patients. From the commercially insured working mother with diabetes, to the 86 year-old Medicare member with co-morbid heart failure, hypertension and depression, learn how smartphones are changing the way care managers support patients toward improved outcomes.

The Care Management Equation: A Data Driven, Tech-Enabled Approach to Deliver Rock Solid ROI

June 17, 2016

Many health plans and risk-bearing providers invest significant resources into care management programs, but struggle when it comes to demonstrating the value created by their services. Clearly defining and regularly measuring variables that drive the ROI equation allows care management programs to benchmark performance, strategically allocate resources and justify increased investment. Taking a tech-enabled, mHealth approach presents a new opportunity to improve every variable driving the ROI equation. In the webinar, Wellframe CEO Jacob Sattelmair and Wellframe Data Scientist, Alex Trahey, will simplify the business case 'equation' for care management, discuss how to use mobile tech to improve key variables driving ROI, and share insights gleaned from real-world implementations.

Rethinking Care Management: A Mobile Apple-a-Day to Manage Risk in Value-Based Setting

April 22, 2016

For providers moving towards value-based contracts, there is a significant shift required around the way in which care is delivered to patients in order for both the patient and provider to win. Rather than solely addressing a patient's needs when he or she is within the walls of a hospital or doctor's office, providers must now extend their services beyond the clinical setting to provide care in-between visits as well. Please join us for Wellframe's webinar, "Rethinking Care Management: A Mobile Apple-a-Day to Manage Risk in Value-Based Setting," in which, Wellframe Senior Director of Client Services, Alexis Bernstein, discusses: How to enhance your clinician-patient relationship through care management; The changing mindsets around a new way of managing patients; The evolving modes of communication with patients.

One ACO, 50K Lives, Two Care Managers? No Problem.

March 30, 2016

As providers enter into value-based contracting arrangements with payers, many organizations are committing to taking on risk before they have a care management infrastructure built out. In this webinar, Wellframe's Head of Product & Market Strategy, Dogu Celebi MD, discusses the new reality for value-based provider settings. Additionally, he will details how to overcome challenges around building a successful care management program in a provider setting.

Transforming Care Management into A Strategic Revenue Generator

January 21, 2016

Wellframe's CEO, Jacob Sattelmair, and Dogu Celebi MD, Head of Product & Market Strategy, will share best practices and common challenges gathered from leading health plans positioning their care management programs to: Engage a larger proportion of members to increase overall impact; empower initiatives designed to close gaps in care, improve quality and augment revenue and support successful value-based partnerships with providers.

The Future of Care Management: What’s Your Game Plan?

September 17, 2015

The shift from volume- to value-based healthcare is forcing many organizations to rethink traditional care management models. In this webinar, Wellframe's CEO, Jacob Sattelmair, will share insights from five use cases across payors and providers evolving their service models to align with shifting reimbursement. Jacob will also discuss a mobile-enabled approach to care management and patient engagement that a growing number of successful organizations are adopting to increase the scalability and effectiveness of their programs.

Implementing a Mobile-Enabled Care Management Strategy to Increase Patient Engagement

May 27, 2015

Health plans are adapting their care management strategies to effectively support the evolving needs and preferences of patients living in the digital era. Wellframe's CEO, Jacob Sattelmair, will discuss care management's enduring challenges and present an innovative approach to improve clinical and financial outcomes. He'll outline a mobile-enabled care management strategy proven to engage high-risk patients, while increasing the capacity and effectiveness of care management teams.

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