5 ways to turn member touchpoints into a continuous consumer journey

This is a illustration of a man standing under a street sign with two arrows, one saying "Traditional touchpoints" and one saying "Continuous consumer journey"

Every interaction or point of contact with a member, often referred to as a “touchpoint,” has the opportunity to ensure brand loyalty, improve satisfaction, or engage members toward better health outcomes. 

But to uncover the insights needed to provide an individualized member experience, health plan leaders must shift their focus to the full health journey. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to reframe your approach to traditional member touchpoints.

Key takeaways

Improving the effectiveness of individual touchpoints will always be important and necessary to ensure members are healthier and more satisfied with their plan. But when health plan leaders consider ways to align all member touchpoints within the member’s entire health journey, they can offer the differentiated, convenient experience today’s consumers demand.

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