4 things employers want from health plans in a virtual world

In response to COVID-19, employers agree: a more convenient, digital approach is required to support employees’ health at home and help them better use and navigate the healthcare system.

Find out how to meet employers’ demands and avoid ceding business to outsourced services for engagement, care management, or benefits management.

The Wellframe Difference


Support the whole person in one comprehensive solution


Extend the reach of staff to engage more people


Generate insights that enable early interventions


Deliver measurable value and continuous improvement

“Wellframe provides an opportunity for us to establish longer term patient relationships with our members so that we can best align them with the right support to assure that they’re receiving the best possible service.”

– Carrie Whitcher, VP, Health Care Improvement,
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield 

Health management app on various screen sizes

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