Shifting your mindset: The 7-part plan to achieve Member Advocacy

What is Member Advocacy?

It’s not a buy-up. Or a workflow management system. And it’s certainly not a plug-and-play product.

Member Advocacy is a holistic health plan service model. Under a Member Advocacy model, integrated technologies facilitate trusting human relationships. Members have better access to the staff and clinicians that can help them. And clinicians are better equipped to address member needs, no matter where they are.

And we wrote the book on it.

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The current war for talent plus digital solution explosion pressured health plans to gather point solutions, but they’ve picked away at carrier’s value chains. You can’t just apply the same old toolkit.

–Marcia Macphearson, Health and Life Sciences Partner, Oliver Wyman

Shifting your mindset: The 7-part plan to achieve Member Advocacy

Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming for members. And understanding what members need can be overwhelming for health plans. Working with a Member Advocacy model can help staff extend their reach and uncover valuable member insights.

In this book, healthcare leaders and subject matter experts discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing U.S. health plans. Gain a deeper understanding of what health plan members really expect from their healthcare experience. And identify ways you can empower both staff and members to achieve their best.

An Advocacy model emphasizes using technology to deliver personalized care and benefits information directly to members. Digitizing care management and customer service allows your teams to be more proactive and efficient, while improving member experience. With Member Advocacy, health plans can holistically address member needs and deliver the highest possible value to members and employer groups.

Digital health management tools are reshaping interactions between members and health plans. Health plans must also shift their view of the health plan member journey.

Your plan may already be using technologies that support a Member Advocacy model. Do these terms sound familiar?

  • Next best action
  • Personalized or customized care
  • Net promoter score (NPS)
  • Consumer effort reduction

Health plans enjoy many structural advantages—they have access to lots of data, provider relationships, employer relationships, scale, etc. But plans’ slowness to improve has left a void that is quickly being filled by new entrants.

–Jacob Sattelmair, Wellframe Co-founder, Executive Vice President and General Manager

Your members may have unmet health needs. They might also have questions about their care, or want to clarify care instructions. Some members might prefer to have conversations privately, or through text instead of a phone call. Or maybe your members just need support outside of business hours. Member Advocacy can help.

Readers will learn how to build and execute proven strategies from health plans across the U.S. Plus, we walk you through the entire Member Advocacy process—from implementation to measuring success. Whether you’re expanding your digital care management offerings or just getting started, we have solutions for you.

Shifting to a new service model can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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